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Black Sabbath were the first and the greatest heavy metal band. Their exciting brand of hard rock, and their hell raising behaviour have made them legends. They have sold millions of albums worldwide, with ardent fans across the globe. This title is an outrageous account of life on the road with Black Sabbath.


David Tangye & Graham Wright were members of the crew during the seventies, the bands heyday, and have the stories to prove it. For the first time they cover in detail the early days of the group, including a certain gig in the Scottish borders, where they were almost beaten up by the local farmers.



As the sabs rise to fame and notoriety, touring Europe, Australia and America, delighting fans and disgusting law-abiding members of the public, incidents of bad behaviour stack up alarmingly. Many focus on Ozzy Osbourne, from his obsession with guns and shooting things, which lead to his country house being christened Atrocity Cottage, to his amazing capacity for alcohol.


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'Black Sabbath - The thrill of it all' is a real Spinal Tap story, a warm, funny poignant tribute to four mates from Birmingham who became the biggest heavy rock band in the world.


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